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The Question that can revive the Church

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“Do you really love God?”

Imagine someone asking us ‘veteran Christians’ this simple question. I’m sure none of us would have a problem in answering it in the affirmative. Many of us would not even like to be asked a question like that because first of all, the answer is obvious and secondly, it is a bit insulting.

A question like that would raise questions in our mind:

What made he/she ask us such a question?

Does he/she see something in us that casts doubt to our love for God?

Have we done something wrong?

Some of us would even get a bit offended and question the questioner’s right to ask such a question.

“How dare he question my love for God?”

“What right does she have to judge my relationship with God?”

“Does he know how long I’ve been a believer?”

and so on…

But although I understand the reason for such concerns, I don’t understand why being asked such a question would be a bad idea. Isn’t it healthy for our spiritual life to be challenged every so often?

Think about it for a moment.

Many of us ‘followers of Christ’ are so oblivious that we take our relationship with God for granted. We might think we are deep in love with God when a quick reflection of our life would tell us otherwise. It does not matter whether we’ve been a believer for decades or whether we go to church every Sunday or whether we give to charity or whether we are active in church ministry.

Because let me tell you, we can do all that for as long as we want but without an iota of love for our dear Lord!

Isn’t that a scary and excruciating thought? It gives me the chills just thinking about it!

That would have been exactly what Simon Peter – the oldest, chiefest and passionate of the disciples – felt when his teacher and Lord asked him that question.

Not once. Not twice. But thrice!

But as we know, Christ questioned Peter’s love for him deliberately. It was not to simply reenact and remind Peter’s denial a few days ago. But it was to challenge him into taking a good look into his life and stir him into making a life-changing decision to lead His church.

We then see what happened to Peter. He was never the same again. And the rest, as they say, is history.

What a difference a question can make! Imagine Jesus not making Peter uncomfortable. The church and the world would have missed out on something special…..and eternal!

So, it is high time the sleeping giant called the modern church is woken up and challenged. It is time be shaken and stirred to our core. It is time to get out of mediocrity and fulfil God’s purpose in our life. It is time to stop acting like a Christian and start living like one. It is time to ditch our identity and adopt the identity of Christ. It is time to stop ticking boxes and start living out our faith through the Holy Spirit. It is time to change this world with the gospel. It is time to get radical. It is time to get uncomfortable. It is time to get back to basics!

And none of these things can happen, without first asking ourselves that simple, heart-wrenching question of old:

“Do we really love God?”

Gods Revelations will surely come to pass

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